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1846 Poll List
Refugio Co., Republic of Texas
Surnames A through F

Source:  Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas 

In 1846 Refugio County comprised a much larger area than it does today.  It was one of the old Mexican municipalities, like San Patricio, Goliad and Victoria Counties. In 1857, Bee County was formed from a portion of Refugio, Goliad, Live Oak and San Patricio Counties.  In 1871, Aransas County was formed completely from Refugio County.

Refugio Goliad San Patricio Victoria
Allen, Richard Alexander, William   Alcantro, Pedro
Ayres, Edward Allen, Daniel   Alderette, Miguel
  Allen, Thomas D.   Aldrette, Dolores
  Almaguer, Eucebia
  Amminecker, Joseph
  Armstrong, Edward   Atkinson, Bossey
  Armstrong, Irwin    
  Austin, David    
Bonner, John W. Baker, A.P.   Bailey, O.P.
Byrne, James W. Baker, Charles   Bass, A.
  Ballard, Ryland C.   Beaty, A.B.
  Barnet, D.C.
  Becton, John
  Barton, Samuel   Bell, David
  Bell, Thaddeus   Bennett, E.
  Berry, Alfred   Bickford, P.
  Berry, Dencalion A.   Bissel, Theodore
  Bines, Henry   Black, J.W.
  Bocetta, Miguel
  Box, M.
  Borden, John P.   Brown, J.B.
  Bradberry, James   Byrne, James
  Bradbury, James    
  Bradley, John    
  Brigsman, James C.    
  Bromley, Lt. Wm.    
  Brown, C.S.    
  Brown, Edward    
  Brown, J.B.    
  Brown, James    
  Brown, James S.    
  Brown, Joshua    
  Buckley, Daniel    
  Buentillo, Thomas
  Burns, Squire    
  Byrne, James    
  Byrum, John S.D.    
Cabburn, William Cacilla, Juan Clark, John Campbell, R.
Carragan, John
Cacilla, Maria G. Clark, William Carlile, R.
Casterline, James A. Cadena, Jesus Craven, David Carothers, R.C.
Chaine, John Cahier, Matthew G.   Carothers, Thomas
Contreras, Juan Calchom, H.   Cheney, F.M.
Curling, Patrick Cameron, John   Cunningham, A.S.
  Campbell, John T.    
  Campbell, William S.    
  Carbajal, Nicholaus
  Carpenter, Dangerfield    
  Carr, Volney    
  Carrarra, Francisco
  Carreona, Manuel
  Carrion, Luis    
  Carson, Mirand H.    
  Carson, Sam B.    
  Carter, Armstead    
  Carter, R.W.T.    
  Cassillas, Yrrico
[Castillo, Enrico]
  Chamberland, Q.W.
  Chares, Pedre R.
[Chavez, Pedro]
  Chevis, P.
  Childers, G.C.    
  Christian, M.    
  Chumley, Thomas P.    
  Clarke, Charles    
  Clarke, Henry    
  Clifford, Joseph    
  Compton, A.G.    
  Cook, Maria    
  Cordova, Juan    
  Cortines, Gertrudes
  Crawford, John B.    
  Crossby, Thomas P.
  Cunningham, Joseph    
Doyle, Festus Dale, Elijah Dawson, David Davidson, Q.
Dugan, Richard
Davis, Fields   Davidson, T.
Dunn, John Davis, Jackson   Dean, J.W.
  Davis, John   De Leon, Fernando
  Davis, Joshua H.   Dillon, J.T.
  Delaplain, Absalom   Dodge, Joseph
  Demott, L.M.   Dolin, William
[Dolen, Dolan]
  Dial, Eli   Dorsey, J.W.
  Dias, Jose M.    
  Dickson, Joseph    
  Dieterick, Francis
  Dillon, John T.    
  Douglas, Freeman    
  Douglas, Richard    
  O'Driscoll, Daniel    
  Durham, William D.    
  Durocher, C.L.    
Eaton, Thomas H. Eixon, Edward Edwards, Charles Escavaro, F.
Egery, Cyrus W. Elliott, George    
  Elliott, Peter J.    
  Esta, Nathan    
  Evans, William G.    
Fagan, Nicolas Fagan, George Fox, Michael Fagan, John
Fitzsimmons, Patrick Fannin, J.W.   Fitzpatrick, M.A.
Fowler, John M. Farish, Oscar   Foulbough, L.
Fox, Daniel Fifer, Jacob   Fox, Jacob
Fox, Garret Flores, Gregorio   Frillman, Conrad
Fox, James Fountaine, H.W.   Fritz, Louis
Fox, John Fulton, James   Fulgham, Thomas
Fox, Michael Fulton, L.    
Fox, Sabina      


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