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1846 Poll List
Refugio Co., Republic of Texas
Surnames M through R

Source:  Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas 

In 1846 Refugio County comprised a much larger area than it does today.  It was one of the old Mexican municipalities, like San Patricio, Goliad and Victoria Counties. In 1857, Bee County was formed from a portion of Refugio, Goliad, Live Oak and San Patricio Counties.  In 1871, Aransas County was formed completely from Refugio County.

Refugio Goliad San Patricio Victoria
McFarlan(e), W.S. McCormick, ____ McGloin, James McClanahan, J.
McRae, Archibald McDermot, John   McFarlan(e), J.C.
  McIntyre, Thomas H.   McGrew, John
  McKeown, Dick   McGrew, Thomas
  McMaster, ____   McGrew, William
  McTenart (??), S.    
Mozano, Philipe Mancha, Jose Mahoney, Peter Maulding, J.W.
  Mancha, Agapo   Medlin, P.
  Marshall, Elijah   Meyo, E.
  Martin, Albert   Miller, Joseph
  Martin, Joseph   Miller, W.P.
  Martinez, Manuel   Mitchell, J.W.
  Mastin, H.F.
  Mixon, J.B.
  Mendosa, Lewis
[Mendoza, Luis]
  Montz, Z.
  Menefee, J.S.   Moore, R.B.
  Merrell, Brandon   Moreno, F.
  Meyer, Daniel H.   Morris, John
  Milby, Robert   Morris, William
  Miller, John F.   Murphree, D.
  Miller, Theo.    
  Miller, William P.    
  Millican, Robert G.    
  Millican, William    
  Mills, James    
  Mills, William P.    
  Mitchell, Jonathan    
  Molavis, Carlos    
  Mondiola, Ferdinand
  Morales, M.    
  More, Jovie    
  Morgan, Charles    
  Mudd, Eleanor    
  Murphy, James    
  Musler, Charles    
Neal, Benjamin F. Nelson, Thomas   Nealy, H.
Norton, Henry Newland, James   Nobels, Henry
  Nicholson, Thomas   Nobels, Thomas
      Nobels, William
O'Boyle, Patrick O'Connor, James O'Docharty, Margaret O'Tool, Martin
O'Brien, John Odom, Britton O'Docharty, William Owens, Richard
O'Brien, Morgan O'Neal, James    
O'Connor, Thomas Owens, James D.    
O'Driscoll, Daniel      
O'Goode, Martin      
O'Leary, Patrick      
O'Reilly, Michael      
Pearce, Dona H. Pace, John Pew, Thomas
Palmer, G.W.
Pearce, George R. Patman, William   Parkinson, G.
Pearman, George R. Patterson, Wm. P.   Payton, A.R.
Pearson, Charles H. Payne, John F.   Pearson, E.A.
Perry, Edward Peek, Barton   Phillips, A.H.
Perry, Stuart Pendleton, W.N.   Poland, John
Power, James Peris, Valentine
  Pridham, P.M.
Power, Samuel Peronis, Elijah    
Prescott, Wm. Perryhouse, J.    
  Perryman, W.    
  Phillips, Nelson    
  Pierce, Silas C.    
  Pillows, H.    
  Plovis, Juan    
  Pollack, Henry    
  Potter, M.W.    
  Powell, J.    
  Powell, Thomas    
  Price, John T.    
  Prosous, H.    
  Puckett, Robert    
  Quirido, Guil.    
Reves, Loji
Ramos, V. Risley, George Raglin, Edward
  Reed, Nathaniel Ross, John Raglin, J.B.
  Rigsby, Pheneus Ryan, John Raglin, William
  Robinson, Joseph Ryan, Matthew Ramos, Hose
  Rodgers, Samuel C.   Reed, J.B.
  Routhe, Michael   Reed, John
  Rowell, James   Reed, William
  Rubio, Christoval   Ringer, John
  Russell, William   Ripley, William
      Roanguer, M.
      Robinson, William
      Robinson, Samuel
      Rogers, Simeon
      Rose, Hiram
      Rose, J.W.
      Rose, Preston
      Rosell, J.
      Rosia, Diego


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